About Us

Over the past few years, we've lost some truly close friends and loved ones. In some cases, quite suddenly.

To us, the impact of their lives deserved something better than a photo and an obituary on some impersonal legacy site.

They warranted a warm, vibrant forum where stories, moments and memories can be shared and circulated among friends, family and peers.

That's why we created hereaftr.

To be a kind of community board where a loved one's spirit and impact can be celebrated and honored.

Because love doesn't end with death. It lives on in the hearts and minds of those who've been transformed by it.

We hope hereaftr can be a resource worthy of memorializing the lives that have enriched your own.

Please contact us at hey@hereaftr.com and let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for visiting -
Sue, Neal & the hereaftr team