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Vivian wanted to be buried next to John at Christ Church so we had this headstone made for them when she died in 1996

By Neal Hughlett
November, 1996

8mm home movies of John and Vivian at their Weems, VA home, shot by their son Don when we visited them during the summer.

By Neal Hughlett
August, 1972

With son Don and grandson Neal at home in Weems, VA for Christmas.

By Neal Hughlett
December, 1968

John's favorite beer - by far - was Schlitz. Schaefer and Rheingold were his backups in the event it was ever sold out at the local package store in Kilmarnock.

By Neal Hughlett
November, 1967
Img 1080

In his favorite chair with grandson Neal, some animal friends & Raggedy Andy at Thanksgiving.

By Neal Hughlett
November, 1966

John with son Don, daughter-in-law Helen, grandson Neal and the beloved boat he docked at his home in Weems, VA.

By Neal Hughlett
August, 1965
Img 0973

John in the driveway of his Weems, VA home with Vivian, daughter-in-law Helen and grandson Neal who was 2 yrs old at the time.

By Neal Hughlett
August, 1965
Img 1083

In the front driveway of his Weems, VA home with grandson Neal

By Neal Hughlett
August, 1965
Img 1130

John's trip to D.C. to lobby Congress on behalf of the textile industry. He brought Don along to explore Washington (in a limo!) while he was in meetings.

By Neal Hughlett
August, 1957

Rare photo from a J.P. Stevens company retreat on Cape Cod. He was a Vice President at the time.

By Neal Hughlett
April, 1954
Img 1104

Vivian outside their Summit, NJ house.

By Neal Hughlett
March, 1948
Img 1064

With sons Don (left) and Jack

By Neal Hughlett
November, 1943

The J.P. Stevens Annual Sales Dinner that John attended at the Hotel Roosevelt in NYC

By Neal Hughlett
December, 1939
Img 1069 2

Vivian at their Summit, NJ home with very young son Donald

By Neal Hughlett
May, 1939
Img 1103

John at home in Summit, NJ. Love the snow chains on the tires of his Buick. And he was definitely a Buick guy!

By Neal Hughlett
February, 1939