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Gus doing his wall climbing - great to be young with no fears!

By Douglas DeSilva
December, 2015
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four grandsons

By Douglas DeSilva
October, 2015
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Just like their Grandpa, the boys became obsessed with the Red Sox at a very early age. Sam was Jason Varitek and Gus work Big Papi's jersey.

By Sue DeSilva
April, 2008
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Thanksgiving 2007. Poor Dad, always outnumbered by Democrats on holidays!

By Sue DeSilva
November, 2007
Mom n dad on rkg chair

Mom and Dad. :)

By Sue DeSilva
December, 2006

Grampy and Sam. March 2004. Maybe they were trying to play "Happy Birthday" since the boys just turned 2!

By Sue DeSilva
March, 2004
Mom and dad.tif.reduced

Mom and Dad on their wedding day. March 7, 1964.

By Sue DeSilva
March, 1964